About Us


The company was originally started in 2017 to create something environmentally friendly in the sports market.

To meet the expectations and the requirements of the sports sector we worked with a textile initially for sports caps and we were able to successfully develop a cap with 65% upcycled plastic and 35% organic cotton.

Tackling Climate Change

Our initial success developing a textile suitable for sports caps made us wonder if we could create a 100% upcycled textile made from part marine and part landfill plastic, which would make an impact on climate change.


We realised that we needed to work with partners to make a difference and so we started to work with our partners and implement their full traceability process of upcycled products, through an agreement endorsed by the Spanish Government, who incentivise fishermen to trawl the ocean to bring back waste, by casting their nets a mile and a half wide after their fishing day has ended.